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Screening LAND OF THE FREE **UK Premiere**

Thursday 7th June CentrE17, Walthamstow. 

 Only £5  in advance! Tickets HERE

2_Juan og Maggie_LAND OF THE FREE_Conci Althouse
3_Gianni_LAND OF THE FREE_Conci Althouse
1_MainStill_Brian_LAND OF THE FREE_Conci Althouse

Land of the Free| Denmark, Finland & US| 93 mins |Camilla Magid

Life is tough for most people living in South Los Angeles. Gun fights and drug crimes are commonplace in this neighborhood, and it’s hard to escape the vicious circle of poverty and crime. Land of the Free follows three ex-convicts and their loved ones, in the two years after their release from prison as they strive to find a new place in society.  An intimate portrait of humanity in a deeply troubling environment where the prison industrial system often targets and holds back people of color.


One World, Czech Republic, March 2018
Human IDDF, Norway, March 2018
Santa Fe Film Festival, February 2018
Göteborg Film Festival, January 2018
International Festival Signs of the Night, Portugal, November 2017
IDFA, The Netherlands, November 2017
Zurich Film Festival, Switzerland, September 2017
Telluride Film Festival, USA, September 2017
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic, July 2017
CPH:DOX, Denmark, March 2017

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