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Pandemic Playground - Rhiannon Moller-Trotter (USA)

A young woman shares tips for staying sane during quarantine, right before completely losing her mind.

Something's not working - Charlotte Ash (UK)

A short comedy film about working from home.

Influenza - Mike Yeoman (UK)

Coronavirus is not the first pandemic this nation has witnessed... Public information film from the archives on how to deal with Influenza!

Playing with myself - Emmanuel Li (UK)

Isolated teenager Ed tries to play with himself with little success but is interrupted... by himself.

Meat & Greet - Meredith Vivian (USA)

Two strangers meet for a first date. Things get bizarre as the conversation quickly turns to meatloaf.

Alex & Me - Joseph Kelly (USA)

Surviving the pandemic with your personal assistant.

Trapped Cat - Jaime Fidalgo (Spain)

An allergic man, a restless cat, a two-day favor that ended in quarantine… #StayHome

Love in a state of emergency - Sven Jähnert, Matthew Russell (USA)

Part of the series Love in NY. Dating in times of coronavirus. 


Dark Mode - Jamie Hooper (UK)

Waking up in the middle of the night, a young woman realises she's not alone, and something is taking her photo.


Living Doll - Nick Lazar (UK)

Robert is sorting through his mother's old stuff in the loft, when he finds a mysterious box...


Alone - Jimmy Castro (Argentina)

A woman who has been isolated due to quarantine, begs to be removed from her home, because there is something very strange in the department.


At Home - Buğra Mert Alkayalar (Turkey)

After an outbreak, everyone stays at home. But there are other threats inside.


Spectrecals - Louis Brough (UK)

Two archeologists chat over video messenger about a recent discovery


BODY - Toby Spearpoint (UK)

A man isolating with his thoughts. But is he?


Coming Out - Kai Jolley (UK)

In the middle of lockdown due to COVID-19. A budding romance is explored through an exchange of gifts and notes.

Once Upon A Time - Jason Acero (UK)

Stay at home, stay safe, is probably the most repeated phrase we've listening the last four weeks, but is home safe? No for a lot of women.

Don´t Worry  - Mana Pakseresht (Iran)

A teenage girl is alone at home on her birthday and her nurse is in the hospital because of Corona virus.A surprise awaits the girl

P.I.P.O.Q.A - Maco Gunn (Switzerland)

The Quarantine Mode is set. But, where is Pipoqa, oh my dog!

Pick Ticks - Omar Angulo (USA)

"Pick Ticks, a graphic movie", tells the story of a flu-stricken man swimming through what feels like a fever dream and the obstacles to tending to his dog,

That Particular Year in China - Colin Huang (China)

Stuck at home at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in China, a family decides to entertain themselves by making a film.


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