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Token Homo & Last Frame have teamed up to launch Queer Horror Nights! A new film club devoted to queer, cult and classic horror cinema. Our first Q-RATED! season celebrates horror movies directed by queer filmmakers.

Q-RATED! will tell the story of how out, queer directors have long worked deep in the guts of the genre, forging its founding myths and re-imagining its most celebrated creations. They have also fought against the censorship and suppression of their twisted fantasies. 

AND THAT'S A WRAP! The first season of Queer Horror Nights has come to an end. Thanks to everyone that came to our events, we can't be happier of how this turned out. We will be back very soon with another season but in the meanwhile CHECK OUR QUEER FEST coming up next. 


Queer Horror Nights #8:
@Rio Cinema 31st October 

Experience NIGHTBREED with our outrageous horror hosts, an interval stage show and a very late licence… There’ll be changing facilities, a ‘Carnival of the Creatures’ with prizes for best look, and a foyer full of fun before the film (including a ‘photo-my-freak’ souvenir booth…).

  • Pre-show foyer fun with drag king Loose Willis

  • Main stage host Baby Lame drags us into Midian

  • Drag creature Co Kendrah provides our interval show


Queer Horror Nights #4: THE FLY
@The Castle Cinema 24th June | 19:00

Daddy Cronenberg defined the (latex) body horror mould in an outstanding series of films from 1970 to 1999. He then stepped away from the sub-genre only to return later this summer with CRIMES OF THE FUTURE (2022). We think THE FLY (1986), starring Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis and John Getz – and winner of an Oscar for Best Makeup – is his finest. Cronenberg has always denied making explicit reference to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic in this tragic tale of a talented scientist whose teleportation experiment goes horribly wrong, but the shocking parallels are unmistakable.


Queer Horror Nights #5: THE PSYCHO SEQUELS
@ The Cinema Museum 24th July 2022 | 18:30

Queer Horror Nights is proud to present a double bill of PSYCHO sequels, Richard Franklin’s acclaimed follow-on PSYCHO II (1983) and Anthony Perkins’ own attempt at sticking a knife in the heart of the franchise that would forever define him, PSYCHO III (1986).

The sequels tell a near-continuous tale of Norman’s misadventures after 22 years in the asylum. Franklin’s film is a well-crafted chiller that brings its own dark humour to proceedings. As Kim Newman puts it, “The wittiest dark joke is that the entire world wants Norman to be mad, and ‘normality’ can only be restored if he’s got a mummified mother in the window” (Empire). 


Queer Horror Nights #6: Brandon Cronenberg’s POSSESSOR
@ The Castle Cinema 19th August 2022 | 19:00

Cronenberg Jnr. invested heavily in the family farm with his sensational sophomore feature, POSSESSOR (2020). A gob-smacking slice of sci-fi mayhem, POSSESSOR is about an assassin (Andrea Riseborough) whose consciousness can be transplanted into, and take control of, someone close to her next target.

Inevitable glitches in the system result in catastrophic side-effects for both the parasite and her latest host (Christopher Abbott). POSSESSOR uses practical, gender-switching gore effects to amplify its hallucinatory violence to the ultimate extreme.


Queer Horror Nights #7: LYLE
@Genesis Cinema 14th September | 18:30

Queer Horror Nights is thrilled to present LYLE (2014) by Stewart Thorndike. Sometimes reffered to as a lesbian Rosmary’s Baby, Thorndike’s LYLE is a tale of pregnancy, motherhood, grief and isolation. With an incredibly powerful performance from Gaby Hoffman, LYLE tells the story of a New York couple who tragically lose their young child in a devastating accident whilst expecting their second baby. Grief and despair quickly turn into paranoia as Leah (Hoffman) suspects the neighbours are up to something sinister


Queer Horror Nights #2
Carrie - Kimberly Peirce 
@ The Castle Cinema
10th April 2022 | 14:00 

Join Queer Horror Nights for our special screening of CARRIE, a twisted feminist superhero origin story where Carrie White wreaks extraordinary havoc for the sins of her high school bullies. Oh, and did we mention Julianne Moore going full-bore evangelist as Carrie’s over-protective mom? Not even Judy Greer can save the day.


Queer Horror Nights #3
The Cured - David Freyne

@ The Castle Cinema
15th May 2022 | 14:00 

Writer/director David Freyne’s 2017 feature debut is set in Ireland after a partial cure has been found for a recent zombie outbreak. With disturbing echoes of both the global AIDS pandemic and terrorism during the Troubles, THE CURED explores what happens after we’ve been at each other’s throats.

Brought into fresh new light as we ‘learn to live with Covid-19’, THE CURED’s 'blend of kitchen-sink pungency, charged politics, and pummelling shocks... packs tension, resonance, and clout' (Total Film). It also stars Elliot Page, one of the few trans actors in the mainstream.


Queer Horror Nights #1
27th February - The Castle

We start in LGBT History Month with “the daddy of all monster movies”, James Whale’s 1931 film, FRANKENSTEIN. One of the most subversive horror films of all time, Whale’s macabre masterpiece was brutally censored for almost 50 years, damaging the radical vision of its out, queer filmmaker and profoundly altering the meaning of his highly influential film.

Based on Peggy Webling’s 1927 stage show, "Whale’s timeless adaptation of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece novel" was partially restored in 1985, reviving its revolutionary message. We are proud to present this powerful “allegory of social exclusion” and “the first great American horror film” as the first of our Queer Horror Nights and the launch of our

Q-RATED! season.

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