What is a watch party?

We were very excited to share both these films with you. Watch Parties are really great ways of watching films collectively.. Even though cinema trips are temporarily on hold, these online gatherings provide an opportunity for film fans to come together and chat. 


Huge thank you to both Leytonstone Loves Film and the Barbican for supporting evenings like these. Pay them a virtual visit to see what else is in store over the next few weeks. 


Thelma (2017) Directed by Joachim Trier 


Thelma is a coming-of-age supernatural thriller from acclaimed Norwegian director, Joachim Trier. The film follows the sexual awakening of a lonely introverted teen as she battles feelings of confusion, repression and desire. Thelma is a film marked with religious symbolism and classic Nordic bleakness that exploits a long assumed connection of female sexuality to hysteria.


Out (2014) Directed by Gsus Lopez


Short Film Synopsis - Out by Gsus Lopez

Mary (Jeff Kristian) is a divorced middle-aged mother living in a small English town. One weekend she receives the visit of her closet-emerging son Oscar. How will Mary make sense of her son's coming out and the small-town mentality that surrounds her? Blending high-drama theatrics with black comedy, OUT is a coming out story unlike any other you have seen before.


Why did we choose these films?

We're big horror and thriller fans but feel that LGBTQ+ characters are hugely ignored in this genre. Thelma felt like a refreshing, modern-day take on the classic female horror protagonist but with a much needed and long awaited queer edge. Out is a coming out story that hits close to home for many small town lgbtq folk. Darkly funny and very tongue in cheek, we love it!


So what did you think of Thelma? Well, you seemed to enjoy it…




Absolutely loved Thelma by Joachim Trier, a spellbinding cinematic metaphor for queer self acceptance. Wonderful mix of genres. 


I love Thelma. I think it's actually pretty underrated. Lots going on in one film and both actors are wonderful


I really enjoyed it, long awaited queer thriller-horror-coming of age! Lots of very difficult topics are explored throughout the film and done in a brilliant way using a great mix of genres. Also, great performance from Eili Harboe!


Wonderful film. Disturbing, moving, romantic, heartbreaking, beautiful. Wow!




Thelma is full of anxiety inducing scenes, some of which definitely made an impact! Which scenes stood out?


The scene in the theatre was so intense for so many reasons. I loved it actually.


Swimming pool scene was pretty stressful! I thought I couldn't breathe. The use of water in the film is pretty recurrent throughout.


My favourite scene is when they are at the theatre. So many things to discuss about this scene, how she is really trying to repress her sexual impulses, making everything shake and obviously that first kiss! 


The swimming pool scenes were really scary but I loved how she triumphed over the water. Lots of the swimming was a dream so I wasn't sure I could trust the kiss was real at one stage. Loved that she came through the water. It didn't kill her. She was more powerful than it.




Whilst a pretty unique film, blending a variety of genres, you also noticed references to other films and a whole lot of symbolism! 


[It reminded me of] Carrie to a certain extent. The freeing of a child from the parent and parental views on religion etc. 


Reminded me a bit of Mulholland drive at times. Also The Hunger? More of a vampire horror one but also iconic. 


Too many layers to take everything in first time...Oh well, I’m going to have to watch it again! The snake scene alone has me asking so many questions!


Is it a thriller? A horror? A love story? A coming-of-age? Supernatural? What is Thelma really about?


So much, but especially guilt. Essentially her power and being unable to control it stems from her deeply buried guilt. 


It’s definitely hard to define, but I do think it’s a love story and trying to both find out who you are and suppress it at the same time.


A queer happy ending?! Well, I never!