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A Family Affair - Award winning shorts

Friday 3rd August - The CentrE17

 Only £4  in advance! Tickets HERE

Snack Bar
Kiwi Breeze
Aunt Piky

A Family Affair| Various Countries| 85 mins |VA directors

In this selection of short docs, we’re offered a glimpse into the complex lives of families across the globe. Moving stories that tackle the many complexities of the family unit; from those unearthing the past to those paving new futures. Featuring audience favourites and festival winners from the last 3 editions of Cheap Cuts.

Snack Bar - Imbiss, Germany/Greece, 2017, 13 mins. 

This observational documentary tells the story of a Greek family running a flourishing snack bar on the Greek island of Lesvos. Their best customers happen to be refugees from the war torn areas of the Middle East.

Kiwi Breeze, UK/New Zealand, 2017, 11 mins.

Filmmaker Ruari Muir's unusual nextdoor neighbour, Steve, had spent nine years building an ocean going yacht in his back garden. The whole street watched in amazement as the 44ft steel vessel was crane lifted over the rooftops and driven away to a London dock on a lorry to pursue Steve's dream of travelling back to NZ.

My Aunt Piky, Ecuador/UK, 2017, 20 mins.
A film about a family tragedy that has been buried deep for over 25 years. This is an intimate journey into the filmmakers own family and her attempt to recall and understand an event that remains devastating many years later. How do we force ourselves to remember when it’s easier to forget?

Love Child, UK/Germany, 2017, 17 mins 
A younger mistress, a secret student-teacher affair and a love child. The source of many emotional dramas, this story takes the audience through the life of one family who handled these ordinary occurrences in an extraordinary way.

A Brother's Love, USA, 2015, 15 mins.
The film explores the lives of two sets of brothers and their passion for street dancing. Using their love of dance as a creative outlet and a way of making a living, they perform daily on the New York subway in hope of catching the attention of someone able to help make their dreams come true.

Last Frame Film Club in collaboration with Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival. 

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