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We're big horror fans but feel that LGBTQ+ characters are hugely ignored in this genre. Thelma felt like a refreshing, modern-day take on the classic female horror protagonist but with a much needed and long awaited queer edge.



Thelma is a coming-of-age supernatural thriller from acclaimed Norwegian director, Joachim Trier. The film follows the sexual awakening of a lonely introverted teen as she battles feelings of confusion, repression and desire. Thelma is a film marked with religious symbolism and classic Nordic bleakness that exploits a long assumed connection of female sexuality to hysteria.


Short Film Synopsis - Out by Gsus Lopez

Mary (Jeff Kristian) is a divorced middle-aged mother living in a small English town. One weekend she receives the visit of her closet-emerging son Oscar. How will Mary make sense of her son's coming out and the small-town mentality that surrounds her?

Blending high-drama theatrics with black comedy, OUT is a coming out story unlike any other you have seen before.


Join the conversation over at @lastframefilmclub on Twitter or Facebook and use ##LLFwatchparty #lastframelockdown to get involved. 


Step by Step Instructions 


  • Head over to our website or Facebook page on Tuesday 12th May at 7pm. 

  • Watch the intro video and Out (short film) Out will play after the intro video. 

  • Head here to watch Thelma at 7:30pm (through 4od)

  • From 9:30 pm Head back to Twitter or Facebook and get involved in the chat using #LLFwatchparty #lastframelockdown 


Trailer: (Thelma)

Trailer: (Out)

****This event is over 18 only. Sex, very strong language, scenes some may find disturbing and flashing images. This programme isn't suitable for young viewers.****

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