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LFQF Short films programme

A carefully curated programme of short films highlighting queer stories from across the world. You can expect the very best in new, short LGBTQ+ film and visual media as we’ll be showing the amazing work being produced by queer filmmakers working both internationally and locally.

WHERE: Leytonstone Library, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone, E11 1HG 

WHEN: Sat. 18th September | 18:30 - 21:30


Photo 4 Still_01.jpg

A Team of Two
André Santos | Brazil, 2020. 11'

Flávio and Wendel are from the same football club and they share the dream of being professional players. When Flávio he thinks about quitting, Wendel realises that what they feel for each other might be more than just friendship.


From Time to Time, I Burn.

Carlos Segundo | Brazil, 2020. 15'

Louise is a photographer who seeks the symbiosis of bodies. Her encounter with Tereza, a young girl who shows up at her studio for a photo session, will disturb both of them more than they imagined.

Photo 6 elephant_joke.00_12_38_17._001.jpg

The Elephant Joke

Rim Kang | Republic of Korea, 2020. 14'

Yeo-bin and Hae-Kwang are a recently broken-up couple and they are off to meet with a new family for their pet cat. When they arrive, all they find is a remote reservoir and a mysterious locked fridge.

Gaytriarchy 8.png

The Gaytriarchy and Why We Need Pride

TJ Narula | Australia, 2020. 10' 40"

This documentary comments on the dogma and bigotry that take place in the name of religion as well as culture across oppressive countries and how it impacts the LGBTQI+ community.



Mariann Zászlós | Hungary, 2021. 15' 11"

A testimony of two transgender women about childhood, desires, violence, and perseverance in modern day Hungary. 


Trans Happiness is Real

Quinton Baker | UK, 2020. 8' 05"

A transgender activist takes to the streets of Oxford to fight anti-trans sentiments through graffiti.

Captura de pantalla 2021-08-28 a las 12.12.04.png

Stick of Joy

Brenda Akele Jorde | Germany, 2021. 5' 21"

A film about the pleasure of pain, of playfulness and trust between two people.

Philipp Gufler, Lana Kaiser, Still 01.jpg

Lana Kaiser

Philipp Gufler | Germany, 2020. 13' 17"

Lana Kaiser became well known in the first season of the German Idol television franchise. At only 17 years old she polarised the audience with her androgynous appearance and open bisexuality.


Love Spell

Lauren Vevers | UK, 2020. 10' 20"

Love Spell is about female friendship and queer desire. In 1999 in a high school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a teenage girl casts a spell to make her best friend fall in love with her.



Gala Díaz | Spain, 2021. 16'

Martina is spending the summer holidays with her mum, her brother and family friends, as usual. But this year will be different because Martina will discover something that will turn her reality upside down .


Birthday Boy

Judith Corro | Panama, 2020. 7'

It's César's birthday and his parents expect him to wear clothes that make Cesar feel uncomfortable. Now he has to make a decision. Continue to please his family's expectations or be true to his identity as a trans man.

Captura de pantalla 2021-08-28 a las 12.45.10.png

Opportunity Knocks

Grace Hanna | USA, 2021. 3'

Two friends catch up over drinks but are interrupted by a sinister knocking on the door.


MW STILL 1.png


Sofía del Carmen | UK, 2021. 5' 36"

A couple searches their apartment for a lost passport, as a cab leaving for the airport waits outside. They begin to question whether finding it would be for the best.


The Magentalman and The Gentlemint

James Crang | UK, 2021. 4' 50"

The Magentalman lives an ordinary life in his empty world, every day is the same. Life is boringly black and white, until there’s green. Mint green. A gay love story about how it feels to find your soulmate.

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