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Screening OUAGA GIRLS + Panel discussion

Sunday 13th May CentrE17, Walthamstow. 

 Only £6  in advance! Tickets HERE

Ouaga Girls| Burkina Faso, France & Qatar | 83 mins |Theresa Traore-Dahlberg

A group of young women tweak machines and hammer away at a school for auto mechanics in Ouagadougou in this poetic story about life choices, sisterhood and the endeavor to find your own way.
In a country with youth unemployment at 52 percent, jobs are a hot issue. The young girls at a mechanics school in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou are right in the middle of a crucial point in life when their dreams, hopes and courage are confronted with opinions, fears and society’s expectations of what a woman should be.


Aurella Yussuf is a writer, curator and art historian specialising in Africa and the African Diaspora. She is the founder of Women of Colour Film Club and a founding member of Thick/er Black Lines collective.

Alinta Sara is an Art Historian and a freelance art educator working with various organisations and galleries in London such as the October Gallery, Lon-Art. From both Martinican and Guinean heritage her research focuses in the cultural links between Africa and the Diaspora.

Laura Kirwan-Ashman is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker, and co-founder of female film collective Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah. Her work focuses on Blackness, queerness, and the female experience.

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